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250.000 original newspapers in stock from over 100 years. Unique gifts for all occasions.

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Historical newspapers

Real authentic newspapers for special occasions

Original newspapers are great gifts for events such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Search the world's largest archive by entering any date of birth and see the full range of perfectly preserved titles available. Every newspaper is guaranteed to be a genuine original and comes with a personal certificate of authenticity. There are even optional gift bix options to give your present a personal touch.

Birthday newspaper gift

Some of the most popular birth dates for birthday magazines are milestone occasions, the original newspapers from the recipient's birthday are among the most coveted gifts. To date, the oldest newspaper that has been delivered specifically for one birthday celebration was 110 years old!

Very unique! Very nice that I was able to frame the newspaper. It is definitely recommended to give as a gift!
A real old magazine from 1955 was the ultimate gift for my grandfather. He was very surprised. The magazine is still shown regularly to friends and acquaintances.
Shipping took about 3 days! Thank you for the fast and customer-friendly service!

Gift packaging

Buying a special gift? Then of course you also want to pack it nicely. The packaging is the first thing you see. You will find that you get compliments when you pay attention to the packaging material. For every occasion and price range, we have beautiful packaging materials to complete your gift. Whether for Valentine's Day, a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary. You can decide for yourself how you want your gift to be wrapped.


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