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About us

Historisch Archief is the only archive in the Netherlands that completely specializes in historical journals from 1720 to the present. Our archive has grown enormously since the start in 1983. Through the acquisition of complete archives and collections from, among others, the House of Representatives, publishers, universities, libraries and collectors.

More than 2 million copies

Our newspaper collection contains over 2 million copies. And we still buy collections. From a passion for historical printing. And we are happy to share that passion with you!

The real, complete publications!

We only deliver the real, authentic and complete publications! No reprints or copies!

Gift packaging

Cambric Giftbox

Having a gift wrapped just adds something extra. This gift box is ideal for packaging a real old magazine. The cover is immediately visible, so that the magazine can also be displayed as an interior piece on a sideboard or in a cupboard without damage.

The Cambric Giftbox packaging is available for € 6,95

Cambric Giftbox

Do you give a real, old newspaper or magazine as a gift? The beautiful Caribic gift box is not only beautiful for wrapping the newspaper or magazine, but also for storing!

The packaging is available for € 6,95

Luxury gift box Corvon

With the Corvon gift box you give a real, old newspaper in very special packaging. This deluxe archive gift box includes the archivist's gloves. In the gift box, the real, old newspaper remains in very good condition. The gloves ensure that the newspaper is not damaged while reading. When a real archivist looks at a historical newspaper, how special is that?

The Luxury gift box Corvon packaging is available for € 16,95

Luxury gift box Corvon